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RxScan Perpetual Inventory Features

Drug Receiving

The software provides a quick and easy way to receive medications into inventory including the quantity received, lot number expiration date and cost.


RxScan PI user interface will assist the user in dispensing medication to the patient while gathering all pertinent information needed for documentation.


By utilzing par levels and reorder points, RxScan PI is able to assist in predictive replenishment ordering that assures that all inventory levels remain accurate.


Moving medications between compnay owned facilities allows for substanital cost saving measures while properly documenting each step in the process.


Although dispensing medications removes most inventory, there are times when waste occurs. The site allows for proper documentation including customized waste reasons.

Cycle Count

It is important to continually manage and monitor inventory levels. Cycle counting allows for scheduled based counts per each specific medication.

340B/ VFC

Rxscan PI has the ability to track specific medications under unique inventory types. This allows for thorough documentation that closes the loop on medication management.


Robust reports engine that allows for flexible quality assurance documentation in real-time. The reports are structured into four main catagories: Finanical, Inventory, Patient, and HR.

Barcode Scanning

RxScan PI tracks by both inner and outer NDC numbers. The ability to scan either barcode allows for accuracy and convenience.