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Simplify DSCSA Title II Compliance.

  • - is a single solution answer for complete compliance with DSCSA Tittle II regulations.

  • - The web interface enables organization wide T3 information management.

DSCSA 2D barcode scanning.

  • - T3Rx’s 2D barcode scanning efficiently adds NDC #, lot #, expiration date, serial # and GTIN-14 information to each PO’s records.

  • - T3Rx is designed specifically to address the complex medication management needs of pharmacy and healthcare providers.

T3 information access.

  • - A comprehensive view of all T3 information from a central location enables quality assurance reporting.

  • - The robust report engine allows for unlimited access to data through a list of DSCSA default reports.

Why use for your T3 Repository?
  • - Change suppliers with no concern of losing your T3 data which must be stored for 6 years.

  • - A place to save the Lot #, Exp dates, Serial #s,GTIN-14 of the items you have received.

  • - Single interface for dealing with DSCSA T3 reporting requirements.

T3 Repository Service For:

Medical Clinic

Retail Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy

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